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Nikki Renzi is a Physician Assistant from Pittsburgh, PA with a passion for medicine, specifically neurology, and a gift for weaving mesmerizing fiction narratives. Her unique blend of medical expertise and creative storytelling has made her a distinguished figure in both the healthcare and literary realms.

Medical Mastery: Nikki Renzi, PA-C, graduated in 2017 with a Masters in Physician Assistant Sciences from Saint Francis University. She began her career in internal medicine as a hospitalist, and during her five years working in the frontlines of hospital medicine, she fell more in love with neurology and decided to delve into specialty medicine. With unwavering dedication, she brings comfort and hope to countless patients battling neurological conditions. Nikki’s journey in the medical world began with a profound desire to alleviate suffering and provide solace to those facing medical challenges. Her extensive knowledge, compassionate care, and innovative approach have earned her the trust and admiration of patients and colleagues alike.

A Dual Calling: Beyond her flourishing medical career, Nikki Renzi possesses an insatiable thirst for storytelling. Her literary endeavors have unlocked a new dimension of her creativity, showcasing her ability to craft engaging and emotionally resonant tales. Nikki’s passion for fiction has led to the creation of two novels that explore the complexities of the human experience, often drawing inspiration from her medical background and encounters with patients.

The Novelist’s Craft: Nikki’s novels are a testament to her artistry as a writer. One Wednesday, her first novel, was the opening opportunity to explore combined passions for medicine and literature. Sorry We Met This Way, her second novel, re-imagines storytelling and pairs the rich character development with neurologic surprise. She invites readers on journeys that traverse the boundaries of reality and imagination, allowing them to immerse themselves in worlds both familiar and fantastical.
Bridging Worlds: Nikki’s distinctive ability to seamlessly bridge the realms of medicine and fiction is a testament to her multifaceted talents. Through her novels, she offers readers a glimpse into the profound human experiences she has encountered as a Physician Assistant, all while inviting them to explore the limitless landscapes of the human mind.

Join Nikki Renzi on Her Extraordinary Odyssey: Discover the world of Nikki Renzi, where healing meets storytelling and the power of the human spirit shines brightly. Dive into her novels, each a testament to the resilience of the human heart and the profound impact of compassionate care. Whether you’re seeking captivating fiction or a deeper understanding of medicine, Nikki is your guide on this remarkable journey.

Explore her novels, delve into her medical insights, and embark on an odyssey that celebrates the healing power of both medicine and literature. Nikki invites you to join her in exploring the infinite possibilities of the human experience through the pages of her books and the compassion of her medical practice.

Nikki Renzi

Sorry We Met This Way

Experience the heart-wrenching journey of Ava Sanders as she grapples with loss, love, and the challenges of single motherhood. Witness her go from the depths of despair to finding solace in the arms of Noah, only to face unforeseen challenges and uncertainty. Feel the weight of Ava’s financial struggles and the burden of supporting her daughter alone. Brace yourself for the dramatic twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat, as Ava’s relationships and her very sanity are put to the ultimate test. Will she find the strength to overcome the odds stacked against her? This gripping tale explores the depths of human emotion, uncovering the complex realities of navigating life after tragedy. Don’t miss out on this emotionally charged story that will leave you longing for more.

One Wednesday

Melanie Charles is only twelve, but she has life all figured out: top grades, a charming family, and forever friends. When life is suddenly derailed one Wednesday, Melanie’s life collides with Alice, a Physician Assistant at Children’s Memorial Hospital. As their lives weave in and out of florescent hospital rooms, Melanie is challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally, while Alice struggles to balance professional and personal issues. In a story of girl versus self, girl versus family, and girl versus nature, all eyes are on Children’s Memorial in the hopes that Melanie’s resilience is enough to keep her alive.